Connie's offers vanilla and chocolate custard made fresh hourly to insure freshness. We have several fresh fruit toppings to add to your custard to create a “concrete” along with candy toppings including: oreo, butterfinger, cookie dough, M&M's, brownie bites, cheesecake bites, snickers, peanut butter cup and several other seasonal items. During the winter holiday’s you can find pumpkin pie concretes and eggnog shakes as well. Connie's also offers take-home pints and quarts for your convenience. Our specialty pints come in Butter Pecan, Pistachio Almond and Bordeaux Cherry (when available). If you have never tried Frozen Custard and are looking for a great treat, come by and try Connie's Frozen Custard Today! We are located at 12545 Jones Rd., Houston, TX 77070. The custard hotline is 281-469-3444.

Hand Dipped Shakes, Floats, Concretes, Cones and Sundaes


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Connie's Frozen Custard is America's finest frozen dessert. It is made from a 65 year old recipe using only the finest, natural ingredients. Our hand-made custard machine stirs virtually no air into the product, giving Connie's a smoother, denser and creamier texture than even the most premium ice cream. You'll find Me working nearly everyday in our Houston Store where the frozen custard is made fresh each and every hour. I want to be sure that Connie's Frozen Custard is the best frozen dessert your money can buy!

Frozen custard first originated on Coney Island as a carnival treat in the early 1920s, and its popularity quickly grew. Across the country today, particularly in the Mid-West, and parts of the East Coast, faithful customers travel great lengths to satisfy their craving for frozen custard. In 2000, we brought the tradition of frozen custard to the Houston area!