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About us

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Connie's Frozen Custard was founded on April 10, 2000. The owners, Dan and Melissa Ashby of Cypress, TX, looked five years before they found a good location for their first Frozen Custard store in the northwest part of Houston, TX. They were hoping to find some place fairly close to home since they knew they would be spending long hours at their new store. Melissa, a native of Springfield, Missouri, had grown fond of Frozen Custard since there was a Frozen Custard shop in her hometown. While visiting family in Springfield, Melissa introduced Dan to Frozen Custard for the first time and he was “hooked”. Dan could not believe how smooth and creamy Frozen Custard was and told Melissa, "we should open a store
in Houston, people would love it!" They worked out a deal with the owners of the Frozen Custard shop in Springfield and the rest is history. After 10 days of intense training at the 2 locations in Springfield and a few months of construction of the store on Jones road, Connie’s Frozen Custard was ready to open. Connie’s Frozen Custard finally opened April 10, 2000 and after educating Houstonians on how good frozen custard really is they have grown each year and gained new customers everyday!!!
Frozen Custard is new to the Houston market and not as well known as ice cream. After answering lot’s of questions about Frozen Custard, business really started to take off and thanks to our LOYAL customers and a lot of “word of mouth” advertising, Connie’s has been able to support several local schools, charities, youth sports teams, church youth groups and many local businesses. The Ashby's say the basic ingredients to success are a great product, great customer service and localized advertising. We are always looking for friendly, highly energetic employees who provide great customer service. This is a family owned business and we want our customers to feel at home when they visit our store.

Connie’s Frozen Custard has been proudly serving up our delicious frozen custard in the Houston area for nine years now. A step up from even the most premium ice creams only a desert that is smoother, creamier and more flavorful than the traditional alternative. Think of frozen custard as the greatest ice cream you've ever tasted, only better!